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Your Mayor?

By on May 31, 2015

Budesheim has posted and enormous sign on the public area on Route 23 leaving Riverdale asking residents to re-elect “Your Mayor”.  Let’s take a quick look at that…

In 2010, Budesheim spearheaded a campaign to send the Riverdale Police Department up to Butler.  As you may remember, residents came out in droves protesting the move. After 2 packed council meetings and a heartfelt speech by Retired Police Chief Harry Ressland, the Council voted to discontinue discussion on the outrageous proposal. (Read Article in Suburban Trends).

It was bad enough that Budesheim made false claims about a state agency called LUARC forcing towns to merger services (the fact is they were formed to help only towns that have already voted in favor of such mergers) and about FBI minimum force standards (there are no such standards). What was shocking was that after all the public outcry and a vote against the move by the Council, Budesheim called for a special meeting to re-open discussions on the merger just TWO WEEKS later. (Read Article in Suburban Trends)

This is not the only time that Budesheim ignored the wishes of the both Riverdale Residents and the Riverdale Council.

On June 17th, 2013, residents poured into Town Hall in objection of a proposed 4-story affordable housing project that Budesheim was supporting at the current site of the old Verizon build on the Newark-Pompton Turnpike, in fact he broke TWO TIE VOTES to move the project forward. (Read Article in Suburban Trends).

After seeing the number of people who came out to protest, Budesheim told the developer that he would not break the tie on a third vote so the developed withdrew their proposal.  Just ONE MONTH later we find Budesheim in front of the Board of Education pitching the plan that Riverdale Residents rejected. (Read Article in Suburban Trends).

Budesheim has shown a pattern of indifference towards the Council and Riverdale Residents wishes on issues that REALLY MATTER. So ask yourself, who’s mayor is he really?


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