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Thank you Riverdale

By on July 19, 2016

On this second anniversary of The Eye on Riverdale’s debut, we have reached a milestone with over 500 followers.

It may not seem like a big number but it’s quite an accomplishment when you consider Riverdales population, and when you compare the EOR to other similar sites in, and around our town with similar purpose.

Its hard to believe that it 2 years already; Its been a fun, interesting, and an educational process along the way.  Trying to stay on top of all that goes on in such a small town takes a lot more than one might think.   We have worked hard during these first 2 years to provide transparency to our residents, and ensure accountability in our leaders, while reporting on the items that matter to you our residents. We would like to thank all of you,  for your support, your comments, and your  readership;  and we look forward to providing you real updates for our great town in the year to come.


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