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June Carelli

PTA Founders’ Day Lifetime Achievement Award nomination letter for June Carelli, submitted by Kelly Norris.

“I would like to nominate June Carelli for the founder’s day life time achievement award. June has lived in Riverdale for 21 years. She began volunteering for the town and the PTA in 1995.

She volunteered for our recreation department for many years before becoming the program’s director. While June directed the Rec Department, Fright Night evolved into what we now know it to be, and the Easter Egg Hunt for a while included Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. I know that June would never take credit for any of the great things that happened while she was involved in the Rec Department. June always gives credit where credit is due. She would say that it is impossible for one person to take the credit for anything in the Rec Department because there are so many hard working volunteers. In 2007 she became the Facilities Director taking over other responsibilities such as booking and scheduling events at the Glenburn and the Community Center.

June has had children in Riverdale School since 1995. She has been an active member of the PTA ever since. She has been, and currently is, a Class Mother. She has chaired many activities for the PTA, her most recent is the Holiday Pancake Breakfast that she has been organizing for the past 3 years. June has been on countless class trips, has attended an infinite number of PTA meetings and has volunteered endless hours to our PTA. She would probably say that there are many parents who volunteer the same if not more time than she has and that she volunteers simply because it makes her happy to see others happy.

In 2012 June ran for our Board of Education where she is currently serving her third year of her first term. June is the Chair of the Policy Committee and sits on many other committees on the BOE. She is the Board Liaison to the Pompton Lakes Education Foundation and the BOE Representative for our SEPAC meetings.

Aside from her contributions to the Recreation Department, the PTA and the Board, June also organizes events as a private resident. She brought back a tradition that had been absent from our town for almost 30 years; our Memorial Day Parade. June told me she had heard some of our senior residents reminiscing about the tradition of the Memorial Day Parade and wanted to honor our veterans and soldiers by bringing it back. June has also raised funds in the past to relight our tree for the holidays.

Thank you for considering June Carelli for the founder’s day award.”


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