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Fact Check: Campaign Edition – Volume 1

By on May 15, 2015

It has come to my attention that some of you received negative campaign material from the Budesheim-Mastrangelo-Felegi Camp that was illegally placed in your mailbox last weekend. I know this as several of my friends and neighbors have complained. Normally EOR would not do an article addressing this type of propaganda, but because of the concerns of residents, I decided to ask the candidates to respond. Here’s what I learned.

With regards to Paul Carelli, they found it absurd that Budesheim claims Paul does not deserve your vote because he has a full-time job. In his 12 years as Mayor, Budesheim has managed to morph a public service elected position into his “livelihood” as he calls it. He also claims to be a full-time Mayor although he has another job in Butler working 1-2 days per week making nearly $40,000 per year. His stint as Mayor has cost the taxpayers of Riverdale nearly $970,000 in total compensation over 12 years!

In Paul’s words, small town elected positions are intended to be a public service, not careers. Mayor’s across the State of New Jersey give of their time and make sacrifices to provide better communities for their residents, all while holding down full-time jobs. Paul will do the same as the Mayor of Riverdale.

Dave Desai has voted in three of the last five Republican primaries in the Borough of Riverdale. The other two primaries had no opposition. This is another false comment from the Budesheim-Mastrangelo-Felegi Camp. Dave has been actively attending meetings for the last five years and was co-founder of Eye on Riverdale, a site dedicated to informing residents of issues confronting our town. While Budesheim, Mastrangelo, and Clinton talk about “Keeping Taxes Low”, they do not have the courage to actually do it. The ZERO budget in 2015 was at the persistence of Councilman Paul Carelli and Vinnie Pellegrini and was supported by Dave throughout the process.

The propaganda also stated that Dave “advocated increasing our debt… to balance our budget.” If you have not read Dave’s in depth articles on EOR about the Zero Budget, we urge you do so. Dave supported this budget because it demonstrated fiscal responsibility by paying off $550,000 towards our municipal debt for the second straight year while giving taxpayers a long past due reprieve from annual tax increase. It also demonstrated that we did not need further cuts or compromises in services in order to do so.

The materials distributed by Budesheim-Mastangelo-Felegi also attacked Matt Oswald. Matt is a life-long union electrician. He has been a registered Democrat as the Democratic Party was historically pro-union. After attending several Riverdale Council Meetings, Matt became increasingly concerned with the management in Riverdale and decided to switch parties and join with Paul and Dave’s team in the Republican Primary Election. They are thrilled to have an individual that puts community first over partisan politics. And as far as managerial experience, Matt has an extensive resume.

President of 102 Holding Corporation – that manages a 50,000 square foot Class A office building in Parsippany, NJ worth $10 million dollars.

Vice President of IBEW Local Union 102 – New Jersey’s largest electrical Union with over 3,000 members. Matt was elected and re-elected Vice President of the Local.

Matt is a former Trustee of New Jersey Union Building Trades Credit Union

Project Manager for projects totaling over 15 million dollars managing, at times, 25 employees.

I guess I should not be surprised to see this type of negative and misleading propaganda in a political campaign, however, in Riverdale it seems to be all coming from the Budsheim-Mastrangelo-Felegi Camp. The question we should all be asking is why?


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