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Election Day – Tuesday 11/03/15

By on November 2, 2015

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, is not just a RIGHT it is a RESPONSIBILITY.

Below is a message from the CARELLI-DESAI-OSWALD team who are running for Mayor and Council in Riverdale.

Although we are the only ones on the ballot as a result of our victory in the Primary Election, we do not take anyone’s vote for granted and we need you support one last time for a victory in the General Election.

If elected, we will have a lot of work ahead of us and we are up to the challenge. To keep our community beautiful, our property values high and our municipal taxes low, it takes professional leadership and this is what we can offer you.

In return we ask for NO SALARY, NO PENSION and NO BENEFITS. We are motivated only by our interest in doing what is right for the residents. To ensure this, we will be pleased to install, perhaps for the first time, a municipal government of volunteers.

We will also end an Era of Exclusion for our residents and begin an Era of Inclusion. We believe that our residents are our greatest resource and we will be reaching out to all of you for guidance.

An example of this is Special Advisory Committees such as the one that was created for negotiating with the Tilcon Quarry. Although there is still much work to be done, in a short time, we have already seen the benefits to this approach to governance.

We have discussed other committees including a Public Spaces Committee, which will help us determine the best ways to maintain, improve and utilized our public buildings and grounds. Another for Communications so we can determine the most efficient ways to communicate with our residents; everything from our Newsletter, Website, Social Media and an expansion of our Council Liaisons program so that particular segments of our society can have a voice in our government in an open and transparent manner.

This is not an experiment by any means, we will simply re-instate a proper Borough Form of Government the way our forefathers intended. With your support in the General Election, we believe you will see the virtues of this soon after the new administration takes office in January.

Please send us a text at 973-879-7906 once you’ve voted.

Thank you!

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