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Affordable Housing: NJ Supreme Court Ruling Defies Logic

By on February 11, 2017

With President Trump’s monopoly on the 24-hour news cycle, it is no wonder why most of us missed the NJ Supreme Court’s ruling on affordable housing on January 18th. For those who have not been following the fate of the

COAH: A New Chapter Begins

By on June 12, 2015

The next chapter in the storied past of New Jersey affordable housing law went into effect on June 8th. If you recall, on March 10th, the NJ Supreme Court took over the administration of municipal affordable housing obligations after the

Your Mayor?

By on May 31, 2015

Budesheim has posted and enormous sign on the public area on Route 23 leaving Riverdale asking residents to re-elect “Your Mayor”.  Let’s take a quick look at that… In 2010, Budesheim spearheaded a campaign to send the Riverdale Police Department

NJ Supreme Court Strips Affordable Housing From COAH

By on March 16, 2015

On March 10th the NJ Supreme Court ruled to remove the administration of municipal affordable housing obligations from COAH. This decision came as a result of the embattled agency’s failure to comply with the court’s order to established Revised Third

COAH Dilemma Heats Up In Upcoming Supreme Court Hearing

By on December 27, 2014

In response to COAH’s failure to pass Revised Third Round Rules by November 17th, as ordered by NJ Supreme Court (see COAH’S REVISED THIRD ROUND RULES ENDS IN STALEMATE), the Fair Share Housing Center has filed a motion requesting that

COAH’s Revised Third Round Rules Ends in Stalemate

By on October 27, 2014

The latest attempt to introduce affordable housing rules has apparently failed.  On October 20th, COAH’s 6 board members ended in a stalemate when trying to pass the Revised Third Round Rules. 3 members, including COAH Chairman, Richard Constable (Commissioner, NJ

NJ State League of Municipalities Weighs in On COAH’s Revised Third Round Rules

By on September 22, 2014

If you read EOR’s history lesson on Affordable Housing in NJ, you may recall that the COAH release their Revised Third Round Rules on May 1st, 2014. The deadline for the public to submit comments on the Revised Third Round