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Caroling Event to Benefit the Riverdale Food Bank

By on November 13, 2015

A few years ago a group of friends got together with their kids and started a tradition of caroling in their neighborhood while collecting donations for the Riverdale Food Bank. We called ourselves, the Cotluss Carolers.

Last year we reported right here on Eye of Riverdale: RIVERDALE KIDS GO CAROLING FOR DONATIONS TO FOOD PANTRY

A number of residents expressed interested in doing the same in their neighborhoods so this year we are going BIG TIME and calling on all would-be-carolers to join us on Saturday, December 19th in our mission. Afterwards we are all meeting back at the Senior Community Center to drop off our donations at the food bank and enjoy some hot chocolate and coffee.

Here a brief overview of how it works…

  1. Get together with your neighborhood friends and come up with a name for your troupe.
  2. Make a list of a few holiday songs that you will sing and print out the lyrics for your members. You can find these online, here’s a link to a good collection we found: CHRISTMAS CAROLS
  3. A few days beforehand, your troupe should hand out flyers in your neighborhood announcing that you will be taking collections, here is a sample of our flyer from last year. SAMPLE FLYER
  4. Bring a wagon or two, people tend to be generous around the holidays.
  5. When your troupe is tuckered out, load up your bounty and head down to the Community Center to drop of the food and join the rest of the Riverdale carolers.
  6. Sip your hot chocolate and smile knowing that this year you truly helped those less fortunate than yourselves.

Hot chocolate and coffee will be provided by the organizers but feel free to bring along some holiday treats to share with the other troupes.

You can contact us for more information by emailing to editor@eyeonriverdale.org or commenting below or on our Facebook page where we have set up an event.

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