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Carelli-Desai-Oswald Respond to Budesheim’s Hate Mail

By on October 31, 2015

If you are a resident of Riverdale you have already received 2 separate mailings attacking the Carelli-Desai-Oswald team, we all suspected it was the Budesheim camp as there was no one else who had a reason to be so bitter. In doing they broke multiple laws, Federal Law for falsifying information on a postal form, NJ State Election Law for failing to declare the costs as campaign expenses, and since the content itself was so egregiously false, they have violated Civil Law for libel as well; a criminal hat trick. All this information will be turned over to the U.S. Postal Inspectors office who have been actively investigating these violations since the first mailing.

Their latest piece continues their campaign of negative attacks while asking you to write in their names when voting. What’s missing?, a reason to vote for them. Nothing at all about what they can offer the residents of Riverdale.

Until now we chose to stay silent as we refused to address accusations from those too cowardly to put their names too them. Instead we have focused on what we can offer the residents of Riverdale but, now that they have come out of hiding, we will gladly respond, and we thank Eye on Riverdale for providing us with a forum in which to do so.

Campaign Contributions
With respect to campaign contributions, Matt Oswald has been a proud member of the IBEW union for 26 years. When Matt chose to join us in our campaign, the IBEW was more than happy support us, as they do any of their members willing to run for office. With these funds, as well as contributions from Riverdale residents, we ran a positive campaign explaining what we would do better, a campaign that our supporters were proud of.

Paul’s Wife
Paul never once voted to give his wife a raise, nor did he participate in any vote that directly effected her position with the town. Anything other would be unethical, a line that Paul has not crossed in his 15 years as a Councilman; even when Budesheim was railroading his wife out of a job as retribution for Paul running against him for the position of Mayor. Meanwhile, during his entire reign as Mayor, Budesheim has been protecting his son’s position as Police Dispatcher where he receives nearly $65,000 in salary, pension and benefits.

Support from Riverdale Police Officers
We are proud to have the support of the men and women who work at the Riverdale PD. Police officers in uniform cannot campaign for anyone, police officers who are also residents of this town can support whomever they want when off duty. Budesheim has treated our officers as the enemy for his entire term as Mayor, as illustrated in his attempt to send them to Butler in 2010. The fact is that the Riverdale PD has always negotiated with the Borough in good faith. The insinuations made by the Budesheim-Mastrangelo-Felegi team, that the Riverdale PD is supporting us to gain favor in contract negotiations, are disrespectful and reveal how they really feel about Riverdale’s finest.

Administration of the Borough
As for the front office, we have a number of qualified people already employed. Until we take office, it is not our place to discuss possible changes in the operations of the Borough. What we can tell you is we do not need a FULL TIME MAYOR. In our form of government there is no provision for such a position. The chief administrator of a borough MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE to the Mayor and Council, the Mayor assuming this role is the textbook definition of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. We have seen this countless times as Budesheim, in his role as administrator, has refused to carry out the wishes of the Council. Since he was an elected official and could not be fired, there was no recourse. It is true that the Council allowed this to happened, including Paul, but since then Councilpersons Wetzel, Guis, and Paul were all big enough to admit that they MADE A MISTAKE. Council Falkowski was also on the Council at the time but he was opposed to the arrangement from the start.

We also do not need a FULL TIME ADMINISTRATOR, all we need is a professional, organized structure, with qualified people performing specific roles. Being the Borough Administrator in Caldwell for the last 5 years, there is no one better suited to help the Council put this in place. If Paul is elected, come January the Borough will recoup nearly $100,000 in salary, pension and benefits that Budesheim is currently receiving, more than enough to fill any gaps in our front office.

Firing of Borough Employees
Matt did run for office to fire someone, but that person was Budesheim. When a real estate investor purchased the Golden Sakura restaurant, he sent a contractor in to clear trees. In the process they cut down 11 mature trees on Matt’s property, despite the protests of Matt’s wife while they were doing it. Matt spoke with Budesheim and questioned why he would not enforce the Borough’s Tree Ordinance, which at the very least would have resulted in fines. The Mayor’s response?

Budesheim: “What if I fine you?”
Matt: “For what?”
Budesheim: “For cutting down trees on your property without a permit.”

Ask any resident whose had dealings with the Budesheim and they will tell you that this is the type of disrespect you can expect. But Matt isn’t any resident, so he told him “If you keep this up you are going to force me to run (for office), and I don’t lose.” Well the Budesheim kept it up and Matt did run, and with your help, he will win.

The same real estate investor purchased property on the corner of Morris Avenue and proceed to cut down 49 trees without a permit. Matt was compelled to question the Code Enforcement Officer again as to why she was not enforcing the law. After repeated attempts to get answers, he requested to speak with Budesheim who would not come out of his office. After he left, at the urging of Budesheim, the Code Enforcement Officer filed a police report. At that moment, she became a pawn in Budesheim’s ruse to defame a resident that he should have been supporting.

She is not the only victim of Budesheim’s reign, he has systematically eliminated those who opposed him or could expose him. Ask Mary Ann Murphy, who was known to disagree with Budesheim’s treatment of borough employees. She was fired after he eliminated her position by outsourcing our tax collection to Butler; after 22 years of service he left a note on her chair informing her of her dismissal. Ask Sam Dedio, another employee dissatisfied with Budesheim’s behavior. He could do nothing but watch as his role in the building department was shipped out of town. At the time, Councilman Guis had an agreement negotiated that would have enabled Riverdale to keep our Building Department with little additional cost, but when Budesheim wants to get rid on someone he will not be thwarted. Sam chose to resign with his dignity after 11 years before meeting the same fate as Mary Ann. Ask yourself, who could they turn to? What about the employees that are still there today?

The Budesheim-Mastrangelo-Felegi mailer goes on to say “And Don’t Forget”.

Remember the Zero Tax Increase Carelli promised before the Primary? How did that work out for you?
Odd that they would bring that up, we all enjoyed a Zero Increase to the Municipal Tax Levy thanks to Councilmen Carelli, Pellegrini, Revis and Astarita who passed the Carelli-Pellegrini Zero Budget.

Carelli – 15 years on the Council – no accomplishments.
Among other things Paul was Finance Chairman for 11 of his 15 years as a Councilman. Committee Chairs are appointed by the Mayor, it is no surprise that Paul was not appointed by Budesheim in 2015 because of his push for a Zero Tax Increase in 2014. Despite Budesheim’s continued objections to give taxpayers a break from continuous increases, Paul and Councilman Pellegrini were able to convince the Council to approve a Zero increase for 2015. This saved taxpayers $100,000 over the budget proposed by Budesheim and supported by Councilman Mastrangelo and Clinton.

In his years on the Council, Carelli has managed to extend and interest payments for many years. 
Paul has always supported swift reduction in debt as long it did not result in unnecessary tax increases for our residents. The tax increase proposed by Budesheim this year would have cost taxpayers $100,000 and provide the Borough a savings of approximately $500 in interest. Avoiding the tax increase has saved the taxpayers $100,000 this year and every year going forward. It wasn’t long ago that Budesheim lowered the debt service by $300,000 to ensure, among other things, that his full salary of nearly $100,000 would be covered.

These are the TRUE COLORS of Budesheim and his peers. With nearly $100,000 at stake, it is clear he will do or say anything to try to retain it. And why not, he has learned over the years that there are little or no repercussions for bad behavior in office. Even his 4 CONVICTIONS ON ETHICS CHARGES resulted in nothing more than $1500 in fines. A small price to pay when we the taxpayers are footing the bill.

Now he asks for your vote. If you are Republican, know that they are disrespecting their own party by opposing those that beat them fairly in the Republican Primary. If you are a Democratic or an Independent, know that Budesheim, Mastrangelo and Felegi are long-standing members of the John Birch Society, a controversial, ultra-right wing organization known for their conspiracy theories regarding the federal government. You think you know William Budesheim, walk a mile in our shoes. We ask for NO inflated salaries, NO benefits and NO pension. We only ask for your trust, the opportunity to serve you to the best of our ability, and for your vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.  Thank you!

Photo Courtesy of NorthJersey.com.

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